RNMF Board of Directors

John DeBoer began his career with Midwest Laboratories in 1977 and has filled the roles of computer programmer, Chief Administrative Officer, VP and Partner in the company which now employs over 140. Recently retired, he is able to focus more of his time on the Responsible Nutrient Management Foundation and the promotion of sustainability and awareness of improved practices.

DARREN HEFTYVice President
Darren Hefty Is the co-host of Ag PhD TV. The number one agronomy show in the United States, a new episode has aired every week for more than 19 years. A radio version of the show, Ag PhD Radio, has aired on SiriusXM channel 147. Darren is a farmer, agronomist, and father of six.

Troy Bancroft

Troy Bancroft has been the CEO of AgroLiquid since 1993 and has witnessed the evolution of the ag industry. He is the father of three adult sons, all of whom are now involved in the family business, and a founding member of RNMF.

Darrell Bruggink is the Publisher/ Executive Editor of No-Till Farmer. He has served as an editor of the popular magazine for 10 years, focusing his team’s efforts on providing know-how information about no-tilling for farmers striving to improve their systems.

Lonny Smith is the Senior Business Development Manager for AgroLiquid and a founding director of RNMF. He serves as Vice President of Kingdom Investments International and Senior Partner of Touchpoint Partnerships. He and his wife live in Central Ohio.

Matt Falck is an agronomist and Senior Ag Marketer for Ag PhD, the number one agronomy show in the United States. He also serves as Senior Director of Market Development and Expansion for Hefty Seed Company, which regularly ranks among the top ten ag chemical companies.

TIM MOANDirector
Tim Moan is Vice President of Ag Sales for Rural Media Group, where he helps new and existing clients develop marketing strategies. Tim has been in Sales for many years and uses his expertise to drive Rural Media Group forward. He started with the company in 2010.

Warren Graeff leads PNC Bank’s Agriculture (Ag) Banking Group. Since joining PNC in May 2007 he developed and implemented the mission and strategy for the PNC Ag Banking Group to provide farmers and agribusinesses with a full range of deposit, credit, and financially related services.

Hoyt Choate, is the Owner/CEO of TapLogic whose flagship products are used on millions of acres across the United States. TapLogic believes farmers are the best stewards of the land. Whether the decisions impact the bottom line or our environment, good decisions come from good and accurate information.

Jerod M. Johnson is the General Manager of Consumers Supply Distributing, LLC where their focus is to provide well-balanced nutrition for an array of farm, equine, and pet animals via their effective and efficient use of minerals, vitamins and additives focused on American-sourced ingredients, natural products, and enviro-friendly principles.

Amber Kohlhaas is the Communications Manager for Hagie Manufacturing Company, a leading provider of the most innovative crop production solutions in the agriculture industry. Hagie Mfg. provides technologies to drive economic benefits while also encouraging best agricultural stewardship practices.

Kay Meyer is the Executive Director of the Pacific Northwest Direct Seed Association, a non-profit to support the adoption of environmentally sustainable and economically viable direct seed cropping systems in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon.