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Questions That Will be the Focus of the Upcoming Farm Bill Debate

Farm Bill markup likely will begin soon in both the Senate and House Agricultural committees. Much of the focus for traditional program crops will be around three programs: a revenue program, a target price program, and a supplemental crop insurance program (see here for more detail). While the exact nature of the programs will depend

Mid-May Wheat Development and Disease Update

Authors: Pierce Paul The wheat crop in Ohio is now at or just past Feekes Growth Stage 8 (flag leaf emergence) and will likely reach the heading and flowering growth stages towards the end of May and early-June. Frequent rainfall and drastic changes in temperatures over the last 7-10 day have led to some

Manure Can Be the Difference Between Profit and Loss

by Dr. David Meisinger Executive Director U.S. Pork Center of Excellence With the changes in the cost structure of the pork production industry, there is a changing dynamic with regard to who is in the best position to survive. For many years, there has been a real incentive to specialize and grow the business. Small

The Wrong Way To Turn Off Budget Sequestration

by Larry Combest As Appeared in Agri-Pulse Communications, Inc. Last year, the Senate and House Agriculture Committees approved farm bills saving $23 billion and $35 billion, respectively, to help Uncle Sam balance his books and to provide some certainty to America’s farmers and ranchers and rural America. Unfortunately, this commonsense, bipartisan effort died with the

The Hill: Farmers Rely On Crop Insurance When Nature Turns On Them

by Tom Zacharias, president, National Crop Insurance Services Published in The Hill Congress Blog There is a huge story playing out right before our very eyes this year in agriculture that nearly everyone is missing: Despite the fact that this nation has faced two of the worst farming years in decades – with devastating drought