By now you’ve probably seen the many benefits cover crops can bring to a no-till operation. Whether it’s providing another layer of protection against erosion, or scavenging nutrients or giving beneficial insects and soil microbes a healthy environment to thrive in, cover crops definitely have their place in a no-till system.

So, how can you take cover crops to the next level in your operation and maximize your return on investment?

The editors of No-Till Farmer answer this very question in our 3rd installment on cover crops, Covering Up, Part 3: Branching Out with Your Cover Crop Program. Get your own copy here. In this NEW 48-page Special Report, you will find in-depth coverage on the following topics:

  • How Seeding Cover Crops Can Slash Your Fertilizer Bills — Ohio no-tiller David Brandt is able to grow more than 200-bushel corn on just 50 pounds of nitrogen, thanks to previous legume covers.
  • Keep Covers in Your Rotation Without Breaking the Bank — You can reduce cover crop costs and still retain the benefits by examining seeding rates and methods and trimming back mixes.
  • Livestock, Cover Crops Take No-Till Soils, Profits to New Levels — Integrating livestock into his no-till cover-crop system has allowed North Dakota no-tiller Gabe Brown to reduce inputs so much it only costs him $1.44 to grow a bushel of corn.
  • New Machines Do Your No-Till, Cover Crop Bidding — Manufacturers are bring cover-crop seeding equipment, born in the shops of no-tillers and researchers, to the marketplace.
  • How Cover-Crop Mixes are Revving Up No-Till Systems — From simple pairs to complex 15-way combinations, cover crop cocktails could help you harness numerous soil-health benefits.
  • The Next Step in No-Till: Planting into Living Covers — Planting into living crops has helped no-tiller Jim Hershey raise soil-organic levels on his Pennsylvania farm as much as 1-1.5% the last 3 years.
  • And Much, Much More…

Whether you’re looking to go from a single species to a cover crop cocktail, drastically reduce your fertilizer bill or to extend the life — and benefits — of your covers as long as possible by planting into them, this 48-page report shares success stories, learning experiences and new ideas to help you achieve your next cover-crop goal.

Get your own copy of Covering Up, Part 3 for just $15.95.

We hope this special No-Till Farmer report will help you continue to branch out with your cover-crop program and allow you to reap the many benefits this practice has to offer.

Yours for better no-tilling,

— Darrell

Darrell Bruggink
Executive Editor
No-Till Farmer

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