Landon Smith of Bronson, FL 2016 Responsible Nutrient Management® Foundation (RNMF) Scholarship Recipient

Growing up in beautiful Florida, Smith had the pleasure experiencing the beautiful geographical area of northern Florida, home to many dairies, row crops and beef cattle.  Passionate about agriculture and preservation of the land and water for future generations, Smith recognizes the importance of efficiently utilizing soil and applied nutrients, education, advocacy, implementation of nutrient stewardship, and overall awareness.

As a former member of the Florida FFA Association and the National FFA Organization, Smith has had the opportunity to participate in many Career Development Events and programs that have stressed the importance of natural resource conservation and long-term sustainability.  He notes, “I have learned that sustainability is more than being ‘environmentally friendly.’”

Smith is attending the University of Florida where he will obtain a degree in Natural Resource Conservation.  Smith quotes, “As world population continues to grow, the agriculture industry will strive to meet  its food, clothing, and fuel needs.  It is our responsibility to educate the public and policy makers about agriculture’s commitment to be sustainable and environmentally sound.”

The RNMF is honored to have presented Smith a $2,500 scholarship, in recognition of his hard work and dedication to the future of agriculture. In his application essay, titled “The Importance of Responsible Nutrient Management to the Future of Agriculture,” he outlines how agriculture can sustainably produce food and fiber to feed and clothe the world for generations to come. This understanding of the delicate balance between high-production agriculture and environmental stewardship is critical to the future of the agriculture industry.

The RNMF is committed to the future of agriculture and the youth who represent its leadership. This scholarship is presented to Landon Smith with renewed faith in that future. Smith’s leadership in sustainable farming principles will be a guiding force for years to come.

The RNMF scholarship is a cooperative commitment between AgroLiquid, Ag PhD, Hagie Manufacturing, Consumers Supply Distributing, LLC, Midwest Labs, No-Till Farmer Magazine, PNC Bank, Pacific Northwest Direct Seed Association, RFD-TV, and TapLogic.