The RNMF Soil Certification Program consists of 3 Certifications:

Soil Sampler Field Certification

Soil Sampling 101

The Soil Sampler Field Certification is a basic introduction to soil sampling procedures, collection methods and soil nutrients. Completion of the Soil Sampler Field Certification should provide soil samplers with the knowledge to provide consistent samples to their labs, therefore maximizing the value of results.

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Applied Results and Recommendations Certification

Applying Results to the Field

The Applied Results and Recommendations Certification is a continuation of the Soil Sampler Field Certification, with the addition of crop recommendations. Applied Results and Recommendations Certified Samplers will know how to interpret test results and build recommendations to apply to the field.

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Advanced Nutrient Management Certification

Long-Term Nutrient Management

The Advanced Nutrient Management Certification focuses on proper long-term nutrient management to improve balances and the life of our soils.

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